The Benefits and Relevance of Social Networking Jenny

The Benefits and Relevance of Social Networking   socialmedia What is social networking? Social networking is basically a virtual way to establish contact with people from all walks of life via a social networking service or online platform. Perhaps the most popular social media hub in the present is Facebook and Twitter.

Each user of either of these social media services are able to expand their web of contact with others via a simple click of the button, thus paving the golden way of opportunity for both business and journalism spheres.

What has most people tripping over the social networking arena is perhaps its ease of usage and quick interaction features that allow users to form social relationships with virtually anyone on the globe. When the question of what is social networking doing for the world arises, most naysayers will shrug it off as a fad that has gripped nations in disastrous proportions. But social networking isn’t planning on taking a hike anytime soon – in fact, with revolutionary technological breakthroughs from the invention of Smartphones to shared internet access such as Wi-Fi, people are bridging the geographical gap everyday as they interact with someone over the web, who may be a thousand miles away.

Even a simple status update or published video clip can tell volumes about what is going on in a certain area – as proven by the uprisings that cropped up all across the Arab Springs and literally took the journalism world by storm. While skeptics will bypass the social networking scene as a cesspit of illegitimate and unreliable information, the rest of the world clings on closely to this platform as if their life depended on it.

The Benefits and Relevance of Social Networking   socialmedia If one wonders what is social networking doing to revolutionize the world, then they need not ponder for long. Social networking is a powerful tool that can be utilized to democratize trending news. As the masses flock to Facebook and Twitter to relay their interests and viewpoints regarding a particular topic, they inadvertently create conversations that essentially make the news. Besides this, residents surviving under oppressed regime in certain parts of the world have provided valuable insight into their daily living, which is a whole new pool of answers that most journalism cameras are unable to delve in due to the strict filters imposed by the reigning authoritarians. Not only did this exposé trigger the birth of democracy or even liberty in some nations, but it also gave the people a voice that had the entire socioeconomic and political platforms quaking from change.

If revolution doesn’t sound fantastic enough, social networking has also provided avenues for traditional newsprint to be updated on an online resource. Since traditional media stands to be lost in the seams of time, virtual media paves an opposite approach. People need not sift through pages of news to zone in on a piece that interests them – instead, they can now Google and research any slices of news or even observe any trending topics on Twitter that pique their interest by a simple click of the mouse or screen. Electronic media also provides a means for journalists to expand their news coverage that would otherwise be limited to a sheet of paper, and features such as photo galleries and video streams paint a thousand words for those who are keen on exploring a more detailed front of their otherwise summarized newsprint.

The business world also stands to gain from the social networking scene – especially when twitter marketing is taken into account. Small-time business owners are able to promote brand awareness and reach customers of varying demographics by establishing their social contacts on twitter, which in turn provides a substantial boost to their business.

The Benefits and Relevance of Social Networking   socialmedia Others might choose to promote a specific facebook fan page and even stand to gain monetary rewards in return for their services. Thus, when the question of what is social networking doing to benefit society comes into play, it’s safe to say that this is one sphere that is definitely going to alter the way the world is viewed. Gone are the days of seeing things through rose-tinted glasses; events and opportunities are provided by social media hubs that revolutionized the way we interact with one another.

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7 Responses to “The Benefits and Relevance of Social Networking”

  1. myra0101 says:

    the great thing about social network is that it’s easy to use and understand. it’ll be an asset in the business to have one.

  2. Daniel says:

    The profits of a social media website are established in the relations that get drawn between those that participate. Connecting people, endorsing resources, recognizing expertise, and sharing ideas and information are all benefits to those who participate in and use these sites.

  3. Felix Lee says:

    Social networking is undeniably taking over the world. Of course some people will still not want anything to do with it but that’s just a minority. I don’t think social media is going to be slowing done anytime soon.

  4. xai says:

    Using social media is the easiest way since everyone from students to business owners uses this to communicate with people and advertise their own products. Just don’t overdo it avoid annoying your audience.

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