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The Advantages and Disadvantages of TV Advertising   advertising Television was very popular back in the 1950s and nothing stopped it from becoming one of the best advertising mediums today. TV advertisements are highly engaging and it has the ability to make connections with the audience in an instant.

Not to mention, TV advertising has a huge reach. How can advertising on TV affect a business’ marketing campaign? TV advertising uses audio and video to make consumers listen. It is a more powerful form of advertisement compared to radio station ads, newspaper ads, online ads and magazine ads. It greatly affects your marketing campaign through establishing a direct way to communicate with the audience. And since marketing is about reaching your target market, TV ads hit the bulls eye.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of TV Advertising   advertising The Advantages

•    Advertising on TV gives you the opportunity to communicate with local, national and even international audiences. This is done in just a short amount of time.
•    TV ads use audio, visuals and actions to convey the message which easily catches the attention of consumers. When messages are conveyed successfully, the ad becomes more credible to the audience.
•    TV ads promote products and services but it’s not about making instant sales. The advantage is that when consumers see the ad a couple of times, they are slowly influenced and persuaded to try the product out.
•    Businesses have the ability to segment and organize their advertisements according to their target market. They can choose to ads to appear in between cartoon shows if they are targeting parents to buy products or services for their children.
•    Small, medium and large size businesses will all benefit from the advertising power of television ads. It can get them the attention they need as well as increase brand awareness for their business.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of TV Advertising   advertising The Disadvantages

•    The primary disadvantage of TV display advertising is the high costs. TV ads are very expensive. The longer the air time, the more expensive it is. The cost will also depend on what time you choose to telecast your ads. Also, you have to pay for the air time every time the ad is shown.
•    Aside from the expensive air time rates, you also have to pay a team of experts to create the advertisement for you. You will need to hire a script writer, video editor, models or an advertising agency.
•    With TV advertising, a mistake cannot happen. If the script needs to be changed, you will have to re-do the whole shoot and this can be financially draining. Compared to print ads, making changes is a lot cheaper and easier.
•    TV ads can capture consumer attention in just a few seconds. However, this time frame is not enough to give enough information on what you are offering. Because of this, some consumers doubt the credibility of the ads and just ignore it.
•    TV ads should be shown at least five times to be attain message retention and to push for consumer action. Seeing the TV ad once or twice won’t be enough and it’s just a waste of money.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of TV advertising, you can decide if you’re up for it. Determine if its worth spending tons of money on and if it is, how can you develop a great concept.

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3 Responses to “The Advantages and Disadvantages of TV Advertising”

  1. Sam Brown says:

    TV advertising has its pros and cons as stated by the article. It really depends on your company if TV advertising will work for you or not. There are other avenues for advertising that is cheaper and maybe as effective.

  2. Will Jackson says:

    If you have the budget by all means use it to advertise on tv. Everybody’s watching tv and what better way to use it to your advantage.

  3. Jen Moore says:

    Many are turning to online ads as this is cheaper and also an effective way to reach target customers.

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