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Taking a Step Ahead with Newsletters   marketing case studies One way to reach out to your loyal clients and potential customers is through internet marketing. And one of the most commonly used strategies is newsletter. Most businesses provide information to their customers through a newsletter.

A publication carries a main theme of interest that is regularly circulated to subscribers. Clubs, associations, communities, government agencies, etc. also provide information through this kind of medium.

Traditionally, newsletters are distributed through snail mail or courier as printed correspondence. However, thanks to modern computing technology, these can be delivered through the use of email. It does give a competitive edge compared to the traditionally used means of circulating information. It is important to note that in order to ensure that this marketing strategy will be successful, sending the right email should be a priority. Otherwise, there can be potential drawbacks. Some people may simply regard it as a junk mail or what is now commonly called a spam. But, with the correct approach when using newsletter by email, businesses can gain more loyal customers over time. Interested online visitors usually sign up to subscribe and stay abreast with what is new or to know more about the store.

Taking a Step Ahead with Newsletters   marketing case studies This is exactly what Australian e-commerce Quilt Fabric Delights uses to let their customers know the latest about their products. Their shop offers its growing customers the best range of materials for those who are into crafts. The store merchandises fabrics and designs that are rare and hard-to-find. Likewise, it also sells user-friendly books and patterns. Those who do their shopping online get to enjoy discounts and other promos.

Just like any other online business, signing up for a subscription is very easy. Online visitors of the Quilt Fabric Delights website can enter their details to subscribe for newsletters. Once they are registered, they can start receiving newsletters electronically. This is how Quilt Fabric Delights promotes their website not only in Australia but globally as well. For those individuals who are passionate about different crafts like quilting, embroidery, sewing clothes, and so on, the store can definitely provide them the different materials that they need without the hassle of searching from one store to another and worrying about buying in wholesale since Quilt Fabric Delights products are priced in retail. Crafters who are residing in Australia and are interested in seeing the fabrics personally can visit the Quilt Fabric Delights showroom that is located in Adelaide, South Australia which open by appointment and can accommodate six individuals.

The store also boasts its exceptional customer service and support, where visitors can post their queries and share their passion for crafts through the helpline forum. Anything that is relevant to a wide range of craft projects is provided by the helpline.

Quilt Fabric Delights is the brainchild of Sarah Leak who has been keen on fabric’s texture, colour and design. This passion has turned into a business to share with like-minded individuals. Handmade gifts are truly special for both the giver and receiver. The store has unique designs to choose from for those picky crafters. Part of the store’s way to gain public interest and patronage is through newsletter by email.

Taking a Step Ahead with Newsletters   marketing case studies

Whatever season or occasion it may be, customers are given tips and updates through newsletter by email. Therefore, coming up with unique homemade gifts for your special ones is a breeze. Some individuals may be very busy with other things, so checking the website from time to time can be a hassle for them. However, if they want to be on the know with what is new with Quilt Fabric Delights, signing up for a subscription is a good way to stay updated.

Online or internet marketing has never gotten this faster and more convenient for the business owner and customer. So, wherever or whenever they want, people have easy access with just a click of a mouse or a tap on the screen. Print correspondence has found its competition.

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  1. What I like about the site is that it has a Tutorial section. Very easy and practical design tips for beginners like me.

  2. Will Jackson says:

    Newsletters keep your customers updated with your products and promos. Having one on your website will be a huge push.

  3. Sam Brown says:

    Having newsletter on your website will give you an edge over other businesses because you can interact with your customers this way.

  4. Dana says:

    Newsletters are a great way to keep my clients updated, as is social media. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’m always on the lookout for promos and discounts. You can never go wrong with newsletter by e-mail.

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