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Steps on How to Wear Make Up   lifestyle Learn how to wear make up the simple way! Be familiar with these pro make up tips. These secrets can be practiced by anyone who is willing to take the steps until you master it. I, personally, have tried it practicing until I got the hang of it.

Then now, it takes just minutes to apply a gorgeous make up look. To have a beautiful summer look, learn how to wear make up the professional way! I also add healthy eating guide practices to make my skin fresh and radiant.

1. Cover Blemish – this is the first step. Concealing scars, pimples or any uneven colors on your cheeks is the best strategy before applying anything. Make sure that when you cover them, spread evenly in order to create a natural look.

2. Put Foundation – normally, girls use their palms to apply the foundation as professional artist use this strategy. Using your fingers with clockwise motion will assist in achieving a nice skin tone. Choose a pigment that suits best the type and color of your skin. If you are fair, use a high pigment foundation but if you are a little dark, use a light pigment. You can also try applying the foundation on your wrist and seeing which tone suits you best.

Steps on How to Wear Make Up   lifestyle 3. Mascara technique – applying one coat of this and see how beautiful your eyelashes will be. Make it thick to make it more stunning.

4. Eyeliner style – dipping your eyeliner brush in distilled water before applying a shadow is the first step. I usually line it twice because I love to put heavy a eyeliner chic.

5. Eyebrows – many girls don’t prefer filling in their eyebrows but personally, I feel it looks better when I use matte eye shadow. But of course, it all depends on one’s preferences which fits the saying ‘beauty is in the eye of a beholder’.

6. Eye shadow strategy – the first step is to hide any discoloration. I also check if there is eye puffiness as I need to treat this. Then after the first steps, I apply an eye shadow base, and then I brush it. If there is still discoloration, I use a concealer.

Steps on How to Wear Make Up   lifestyle 7. Lipstick application – lining the lips with a natural color makes me confident that I will better. Sometimes, I also put on a lip shiner over my lipstick to create striking lip radiance. Dry lips will ruin the whole make up as it is the glory of a good make up application.

8. Applying powder – Some girls don’t use a makeup powder because they feel it is too heavy. But for me, using this will make my make up longer and I don’t need to retouch often. However, there are some kinds of make ups that don’t necessitate as these types of makeup are designed to last for around 12 hours. Hence, retouching isn’t necessary.

9. Blush style – light blush will keep your whole beauty makeup more gorgeous. Just don’t put it heavily as it will make your face look dark. Apply it once and that’s it!

Practicing to apply makeup requires rigid attention at first and gradually you will get the techniques easily. Just take note of each step as it will help in keeping a good look. I, personally recommend that you ask your friends if you got the best look. Their honest feedback will help you improve. Of course, balance it with your perspective as you will look good as you feel good and comfortable! Don’t overlook healthy eating guide principles. This is one of my top secret in keeping my face glow. It will complement my makeup.

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  1. myra0101 says:

    i find these tips very useful! thanks!

  2. Kim says:

    I do agree with @myra0101, these are certainly a very useful tips and guidelines on how to perfectly put on a make up. Make up is something that also boosts the confidence of every women.

  3. Zelle says:

    I seldom put on any makeup, but now that I’m working, it is a must that I must look professional and neat to my co workers. I do found your blog post helpful, I learned so much from you. Thanks

  4. helen says:

    Thank you, myra0101 and Kim! We appreciate your comments.

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