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Sending Your Newsletter by Email—and Getting A Good Response   emailmarketing One of the simplest and most straightforward ways of marketing your product or idea on the Internet is to send your letter or ad directly to your potential customers, via email. But imagine what the recipient would feel upon receiving that email from you.

Now imagine how he’d feel when a dozen other marketers think of the same email marketing idea, and inundate his email inbox around the same time you do. It’s not much different from getting your precious mailed brochure lumped together with old-fashioned junk mail, which eventually gets thrown out.

Don’t fret: there’s a way to conduct your email campaign without annoying your customers.

Say it all with an email newsletter.

Why a newsletter by email?

The wonderful thing about sending a newsletter by email is that you don’t have to physically print it out, which can be costly at times. You can simply create an electronic file containing all the information on your company’s products and services, laid out nicely for easy reading; it costs nearly nothing to send out copies via email.

But the more important thing about the “e-newsletter” format is that it forces you, the marketer, to deliver extra value to your potential customer via email. Beyond being a mere emailed print ad, a newsletter is also a legitimate source of new information that’s actually useful to your customers.

For example, a newsletter could feature some interviews with experts, or articles with tips on DIY projects or solving common problems. Of course, these articles could eventually mention how your company’s products or services figure in the tips and solutions provided. It’s all a soft sell email campaign. But a newsletter by email provides your potential customers with a hundred gentle but persuasive reasons to remember why your products and services are important.

Sending Your Newsletter by Email—and Getting A Good Response   emailmarketing Doing it right

There are important tips to remember when sending out your newsletter by email. Because if you don’t do it right, your efforts can backfire. Your newsletter either never reaches your customers, or it annoys the heck out of them!

Tip #1. Create a list of email recipients only out of people who are actually interested in receiving your newsletter.
Because sending it out to just about anyone will turn your newsletter into spam, the Internet’s equivalent of junk mail. And you do know what people do to junk, right? There are ways of building up such a list. One is to create a page on your company’s website, or sending people a print invite, asking folks if they’d like to join your mailing list by filling out a form and giving their email address. You can also obtain their permission upon the moment they purchase a product or service from you e.g. “Would you like to be on our mailing list? Please fill this up. Thank you!”.

Tip #2. Make sure your newsletter looks professional and hip.
If you don’t know how to write articles, or to do layout design, hire people to make your email campaign look classy!

Tip #3. Know exactly what your email newsletter’s role is in the goal you want to achieve.
This determines precisely what your newsletter content and look will be. Is the newsletter supposed to soft-sell a particular product, or a group of products? Or is it supposed to increase customer loyalty to your company in general?

Tip #4. Don’t waste your readers’ time and tax their attention span.
Your email recipients are busy. So don’t fill up your newsletter with every piece of information possible—think carefully what information would be relevant and useful for your customers at the particular season or week you send the newsletter out. Keep the newsletter’s content punchy and straight-to-the-point, so it’s quick to read. Also, give your readers a way to unsubscribe from and even re-subscribe to your newsletter any time.

Tip #5. Double-check your newsletter for errors or last-minute corrections, before sending it out.
Part of projecting a professional and hip image to your customers is making sure your newsletter’s information is timely and always reliable.

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  1. yvetteconnor says:

    i actually like receiving newsletter by e-mail especially when i can learn something from it.

  2. James says:

    An effective newsletter should be useful, interesting, authentic and compelling. Since it’s no secret that proposing value to your customers in the form newsletter is one of the best ways to initiate progress and solidify communication.

  3. yvetteconnor says:

    thank you for these tips! they are very useful!

  4. xai says:

    Sending newsletter via email is not as easy as it sounds, especially if your targets are big businesses and your just starting with your own. This could take more than a day before they can read your newsletter or they are not interested at all. Be sure to choose the right recipients first to gain recognition.

  5. helen says:

    Thank you, yvetteconnor! We appreciate your comments.

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