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How to Select a Good Domain Name   webdesign Most people get their minds tangled up in the design process of their website – so much so that they completely forget about picking out a good domain name. Domain names will be the first thing people lay their eyes upon and generally leaves a memorable first impression that will either make or break your advertising and marketing ventures. So if you’re currently concocting your own online business website or blog, there are 10 things that you have to bear in mind such as:

1. Understanding a Domain Name

Before you engage in any online business to business marketing practices, you must first grasp the concept of domain names. A domain name is a unique website address or URL that makes a website distinguishable from the rest of its compatriots on the World Wide Web.

How to Select a Good Domain Name   webdesign 2. Associate Your Site and Domain Name

Keep your domain name as close as possible to your website name so that you won’t confuse your visitors. Keeping a domain name identical or similar to your website name also exudes a unified approach, which makes it an ideal advertising and marketing tactic when promoting a brand or item.

3. Don’t Overdo It

Refrain from coming up with complex or ridiculous domain names. Those names that are confusing or elongated slip by your visitor’s mind easily, and will be a real turn-off in the future. Try to abscond from utilizing symbols, acronyms and dashes since it may confuse first-time site visitors.

4. Keep Your Visitors in Mind

Always thrust yourself in the shoes of your visitors. How would I remember this website? Do your research and pick a name that others might like, and not just what sounds good to your ears.

5. Keep Back Ups

Compile a short list of possible domain names. This is in case your first preference has been swiped up by someone else, so you’ll have other options to pursue. Keep your domain name unique and take note of the various domain designations available out there besides the usual (.com).

6. Short and Concise

Revolutionize your online advertising and marketing experience by picking a domain name that is short and sweet. You want a name that people can remember so that they can easily visit your site at anytime. Long names tend to be forgotten easily, and shorter ones can be the best marketing tool to augment your site’s traffic.

How to Select a Good Domain Name   webdesign 7. Research Alternatives

Most people have horrible spelling skills. If your selected domain name is easily misspelled, then look into some alternatives. Try to secure various top notch domain names to expand your marketing approach such as ‘’ and ‘’. Always do your background research to seek out existing sites that might depict the misspelled version of your selected domain name.

8. Consider Function over Company Name

Take domain names that promote your advertised item into consideration, rather than selecting a domain name based on your company name. For example, pick out ‘’ or ‘’ instead. This will generally allure your target market fairly quickly.

9. Hyphens

Hyphens can either be your buddy or nemesis. You can include hyphens since it separates a train of words in your domain name, but at the same time, the domain name might become too long and easily forgotten. On the other hand, abstaining from hyphens will make your domain name scrunched up and easily misspelled, so choose wisely.

10. Avoid Trademarks

Don’t get caught up on the wrong side of the law by registering trademarked domain names. Litigation costs really pinch the pockets, and it’s simply not worth the risk.

Ideally, you’d want to select a domain name with high conversion rates that pop up easily in a search engine. But take note that every search directory confines to a different set of rules, and sort out domain names in distinguishable ways. Some go by alphabetical order, others by keyword relevance. So make sure you pick out the ideal domain name that will direct traffic to your site – and remember, a domain name can either help or destroy the most perfect online advertising and marketing front if not selected correctly.

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  1. yvetteconnor says:

    it’s really a challenge sometimes to think of a domain name. either it’s already been taken or it doesn’t say much about your company. these tips will be useful! thanks!

  2. Nathan says:

    For me, somehow I hate putting a hyphen in creating a domain name because most of the sites I see with it makes me a little confuse. I agree with what you said that it has to be short and sweet so that visitors could easily remember its name.

  3. Responsive web design is the buzz word for 2013, these websites open equally well in all size screens may it be i pads, tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops.

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