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Google SEO Tools Revolutionize Online Marketing   onlinemarketing marketing tools Anyone dabbling in the online marketing sphere is eager to clamber up the page ranks and claim that coveted number one spot. The main question is: how do you make sure your website bounces up the search engine optimization or SEO ranks without jeopardizing your integrity?

It’s simple, really. All you have to do is hire a reputable search engine optimizer and make use of the free Google tools at your disposal. But here are some quick signs to watch out for when you decide to hire a SEO to promote your website:

Be wary of fraudulent SEOs

This includes SEOs that have various aliases, falsifies WHOIS information, harnesses traffics from malware or fake sites, owns shadow domains or approaches you via unsolicited emails.

Be wary of SEOs with ‘connections’

SEOs that claim to have ties with Google are dishonest and misleading. Avoid such companies if possible, and always be alert to SEOs that promote ‘free-for-all’ links with allegations that this will help boost your company’s ranking.

Avoid SEO companies that aren’t clear of their intentions

Shady SEOs that operate under the pretense of ‘throwaway’ domains or doorway pages should be avoided since your site can be removed completely from Google’s index.

Know where your money goes

Make sure your deals are transparent. Some SEOs might even switch real time bids and slide into a slot of their own making to exude the impression that they control the search engine, but this is a scam and does not work with Google.

Once you’ve sought out a good SEO company, your next step would be to make use of these 12 nifty Google tools to start your online marketing venture:

Google SEO Tools Revolutionize Online Marketing   onlinemarketing marketing tools 1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to understand your potential clientele by ascertaining the sales and conversion rates. By knowing which sections of your website are up to par, you can then create better target-specific ads.

2. Google Webmaster Tools

One of the free Google tools available, Google Webmaster shows how your site is indexed, which in turn allows you to gage the traffic driven to your site.

3. Google Insights for Search

This tool allows you to distinguish volume trends across different geographies, time frames and categories based on a specific phrase or term.

4. Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Google AdWords Services is the optimal alternative to scrounge up keyword ideas and interact with your potential customers.

Google SEO Tools Revolutionize Online Marketing   onlinemarketing marketing tools 5. Google Alerts

Google Alerts notify you via email when Google finds new results linked to your search.

6. Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to compare patterns incorporating miscellaneous search terms and also gain unique customers for various sites.

7. Google Website Optimizer

This is the testing and optimization tool that allows you to experiment with various elements to determine the ideal design for your landing page.

8. DoubleClick Ad Planner

DoubleClick Ad Planner helps you organize an online advertising campaign and even check up on your competitor’s traffic statistics.

9. Google Page Speed

This tool allows you to optimize and analyze the elements in your website, especially its speed.

10. Google Merchant Center

The Google Merchant Center uploads all of the product data on your site so that it pops up in the Google Product Search to allow potential shoppers to find your site easily.

11. Google Site Map

By submitting a site map to Google Site Map, you ensure that all your web pages are archived in Google and can be easily unearthed by Google’s standard crawling process.

Google SEO Tools Revolutionize Online Marketing   onlinemarketing marketing tools 12. Google+

This is a social media platform that allows you to engage directly with your customers and communicate brand awareness across various demographics.

So don’t forget to make full use of these free Google tools to bump your site up the SEO ranks!

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6 Responses to “Google SEO Tools Revolutionize Online Marketing”

  1. Katherine says:

    Before spending in seo campaign for your website, take advantage of Google’s seo tools to optimize your site and increase its pagerank. Google released the most incredible tool a few years ago that allows you to find out how many people are searching on your keywords, globally and locally. There are list of free Google tools for your website’s SEO campaign. And the best thing about it is, you can get these for free!

  2. Lexi says:

    Google Analytics and AdWords are two of the best SEO tools by Google. It’s funny how many marketers are willing to pay top dollars without checking to see if there’s any SEO tools that works just as great but without any cost, like the ones offered by Google.

  3. Faye Sanders says:

    I prefer hiring an SEO expert for SEO related tasks. For me, it saves time and energy.

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