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Email Marketing Services of iContact   marketing tools The world of online marketing has been revolutionized via the introduction of simplistic touch-screen apps that can be easily toggled or accessed on mobile devices such as cell phones, iPads and even laptops.

People are no longer confined to geographical barriers as the business world takes on the new challenge of communicating brand awareness to its selected target market via the simple click of a button or jostle of the mouse. Email marketing for example, has soared to great heights through the introduction of services from companies such as iContact.

iContact is actually an online service provider that dabbles in both social media marketing and email marketing on an international sphere. No longer shackled by domestic demands, iContact embraces all demographics, thus allowing you to reach your target market quickly and efficiently with minimal wastage of resources incurred along the way. The brainchild of Aaron Houghton and Ryan Allis, iContact focuses its services on allowing businesses to create and dispense HTML-based emails or even social media snippets to its consumers or customers via a simple online interface. The company also offers Salesforce and GoogleAnalytics integration, thus placing it one step higher above the rung of the competition ladder.

iContact’s uncanny ability to be one step ahead of other rivals trifling through the email marketing service provider playing field has earned it an Entrepreneurial Excellence Award in 2008, a titleship of ‘Software Company of the Year’ in 2009 and winner of the 2011 Global Call Center of the Year Award by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI).

Its impeccable customer support service and heavy emphasis of customer relationship management (CRM) in its daily practices has deigned it with quite a reputation, which is superseded by its bevy and miscellany of astonishing features. For starters, iContact allows you to strengthen and solidify your customer relationships by providing quality email marketing services. iContact also allows provides an interactive and easy-to-use interface that can be easily navigated to help you communicate brand awareness or even attain feedback from your customers.

The six core features of iContact include:

Email Marketing Services of iContact   marketing tools Email Templates

Email marketing is no longer a whimsical fantasy with iContact. With hundreds of stunning and customizable email templates to select from, you can now personalize and create your very own email layout that helps your customers identify and associate with your company more seamlessly.

Message Builder

If you have your hair tangled in a knot over how to create your very own message, then you needn’t fret any longer. iContact not only features drag-and-drop blocks that allow you to create your very own HTML email at virtually no fuss, but you can also slip in or swap around your company’s logo in the margins to maintain brand awareness.

Message Coder

If you are still flummoxed over the HTML and design of your template, you needn’t be. iContact showcases how your HTML is translated into messages that are bound to sweep your consumers right off their feet and onto your company’s doorstep. With iContact’s Message Coder, you will not only be able to preview all the messages you’ve designed, but also gain a bird’s eye view on how your consumers would see them.

Email Delivery

Sending the right email has been the main concern of every internet user. With iContact, you can sweep this worry away under the rug. If the pressing issue of what is spam going to do to harm my company’s reputation comes about, then you needn’t worry. Not only is there a dedicated email delivery team at your disposal, but SpamCheck is also provided to prevent your email from spamming your customer’s inboxes.

Email Marketing Services of iContact   marketing tools Tracking

Tracking not only allows you to analyze the progress of your email dispersion, but also helps you to optimize and prioritize your online marketing venture. You can now track the social impact of your email via analysis of social media feeds and services, or even segment and partition your email contacts into different and more organized categories.

Sign-Up Forms

Sign-up Forms encourage casual consumers to morph into avid subscribers and allow you to keep tabs on them. Through iContact’s sign-up forms, you can now gain feedback from your consumers far quicker and more easily.

iContact is certainly the online email marketing provider to utilize for any business, anytime, anywhere.

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