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Boosting Social Productivity Using SocialOomph   socialmedia How’s your social media marketing going? Companies with online websites have their hands full when it comes to online marketing. That’s because internet marketing is a vast process. There are several things you must do to make sure that you have enough traffic going to your website.

Not to mention, you have to worry about conversions too. Social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook has been helping companies promote and market their business. Although using your social media profiles can get the job done, won’t it be better to get some extra help?

Boosting Social Productivity Using SocialOomph   socialmedia SocialOomph Boosting Social Productivity

SocialOomph is a tool that every online marketer should use. It used to be called Tweet Later but is now called a new name which is quite fitting too. This automated tool will give you that “oomph” you need when it comes to your social media marketing campaign.

SocialOomph is used alongside your Twitter account. It offers a free-trial period so consumers can decide to purchase the whole thing. SocialOomph has dozens of features that online marketers can’t live without. With that said, this is the time that you look into the benefits of SocialOomph as well.

Boosting Social Productivity Using SocialOomph   socialmedia SocialOomph is valuable in Twitter marketing as it can help ease the workload. You can send bulk tweets and schedule the Twitter posts. You can automate messaging and following. It can even notify you if your keywords are mentioned in tweets. Here is a complete rundown of what you can benefit from using SocialOomph:

•    You can manage unlimited Twitter accounts through SocialOomph. At the same time, you can automate following and messaging for all these accounts. Can you imagine the time and effort you will save?
•    You can set schedules for your tweets and it can push your tweets to different Twitter channels.
•    Do you have new followers and want to show your appreciation for following you? Use SocialOomph to send automated messages to new followers and link them to your online resources.
•    Speaking of new followers, SocialOomph can create a list of your new followers so you can review them. This way, you’ll know who you need to follow back.
•    SocialOomph’s keyword alerts is a very handy feature. You will set up around 50 keyword terms and the program will notify you if the keywords were mentioned in tweets. What you’ll love about SocialOomph is that the alerts are filtered as “read” so it won’t clutter your mail Inbox.
•    For people to follow you, they must find you and they must find you easily. SocialOomph will assist in creating a detailed Twitter profile for you.
•    You can track your links, view mentions and retweets and add Google Buzz network.
•    If you have several Twitter accounts to manage, you can compile all your tweets and monitor channels you want easily. If you purchase the professional version, you can even define the channels for easy scanning.

SocialOomph’s free version already offers significant features that you can use to boost your social productivity. The free version may suffice in cutting down tons of work in your marketing campaign. With more efficiency, there will be improved productivity. However, if you find the tool too valuable for your online marketing campaign, don’t think twice about upgrading to the professional version.

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3 Responses to “Boosting Social Productivity Using SocialOomph”

  1. Sam Brown says:

    Looks like SocialOomph has great features! I better check it out. Will try its free version first and see what it offers. Thanks for the article!

  2. I like it because you can manage unlimited Twitter accounts through SocialOomph. That way I can manage my personal account and our company’s account without the headache of logging in and logging out to multiple accounts.

  3. Jen Moore says:

    I’m already very satisfied with SocialOomph’s free version. It does a lot of marketing stuff with ease that it cuts your workload.

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