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10 Things to Remember When Hiring an SEO Expert   seo Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the golden key that helps direct traffic to a particular website and bumps it up the search engine ranking list. By employing relevant keywords that pertain to a website or online article, you can clamber up the SEO ladder and sow more awareness about your website amongst your audience and potential customers.

SEO is also critical in maintaining your position in the search engine list, which essentially helps augment your online business prospects. A Search Engine Optimisation expert will generally be enlisted with the task of discovering new or specific keywords that help direct more traffic to a particular site. Thus, here are 10 things to remember when you are on the market for an SEO expert for your website:

1. SEO History

A Search Engine Optimisation expert must have years of valuable SEO experience tucked under his belt. They must be able to screen a website and deduce the next step that needs to be conducted to garner more search engine traffic.

2. SEO Levels Knowledge

The SEO sphere generally involves three sections:

  • Technical
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • On-Page Optimization

A Search Engine Optimisation expert needs to have sufficient knowledge in all three areas to gain some credibility.

3. SEO Success Track Records

SEO professionals need to have a good track record in past SEO projects. There’s no sense in hiring a newbie who is lost and stumbling through the gears since this will only hamper your rankings.

4. Market Savvy

It is best that the SEO expert knows how to dish out content that benefits the user and appeals to the audience. This will not only help promote the user’s company or product, but keep potential customers interested and coming back for more.

10 Things to Remember When Hiring an SEO Expert   seo 5. Strong Marketing Knowledge

A Search Engine Optimisation professional should not be limited to the rudimentary principles of SEO usage. Instead, they must display extensive knowledge about how the web page ranking and search engine equation works, and also need to have a concrete perspective on various areas of marketing including human psychology, social media landscaping, international and cultural relations, web designing and even business modeling.

6. Understanding the Big Picture

It is best that the SEO personnel has a grasp of the bigger picture. The primary goal of an SEO expert would be to focus on converting a regular site visitor to a customer, and achieving a coveted search engine rank should run in second in the scheme of things.

7. Slipping Into the Company

SEO experts must also be able to align their interests with different scopes of a company, including its marketing, IT, analytics, sales and customer service sections. Thus, the Search Engine Optimisation expert needs to be highly team-orientated and be able to fit with the company’s culture.

8. Good Communication Skills

SEO experts must be able to communicate clearly and cleanly in ways that will allow your website’s alterations to reach every corner of the globe. Everyone must be able to understand the changes or upgrades made to a website, and the SEO expert themselves need to communicate efficiently with the IT and C-level team to emphasize their point.

9. Execution

These experts must be able to overcome any barriers or obstacles flung their way. They must learn to execute plans with great vigor and ambition, and exert changes that will impact the company positively.

10. Curiosity

It is best to hire an SEO expert that is infinitely curious and constantly getting to the bottom line of things. Someone who can recite all of Google’s crawlers address might sound appealing, but it is always better to select an expert who’s more interested in knowing what makes that crawler tick.

Thus, be sure to select a passionate and driven SEO expert if you wish to bump your website up the search engine rankings. As far as SEO essentials go, it is always important to remember that an SEO that is passionate about execution and holds a good track record is generally more favorable than one who has surface knowledge of the SEO process.

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  1. Nathan says:

    Hiring an SEO Expert can make or break your company’s reputation online. Make sure that the person you will hire is not only good in terms of dealing with links and search engines. He/she should also understand the mission and goals of your company.

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